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Not so long ago, belief in werewolves was common.

Early Werewolf Legends

Overall, there was little difference between the killings and activities of wolves and werewolves: both would hunt at night, attacking sheep or livestock, and sometimes humans. The main difference was, of course, that the werewolf changed into human form at some point. There are several medical conditions that can mimic the appearance of a werewolf and may have contributed to early belief in the literal existence of the creatures.

One is hypertrichosis , which creates unusually long hair on the face and body; a second condition, porphyria, is characterized by extreme sensitivity to light thus encouraging its victims to only go out at night , seizures, anxiety, and other symptoms. Neither of these rare conditions turns anyone into a werewolf, of course, but centuries ago when belief in witches, vampires , and magic was common it didn't take much to spawn werewolf stories.

Clinical lycanthropy is a recognized medical condition in which a person believes himself or herself to be an animal, and indeedthere are rare cases where people have claimed to be werewolves. For example in , a German man named Peter Stubbe claimed to own a belt of wolfskin that allowed him to change into a wolf: His body would bend into a lupine form; his teeth would multiply in his mouth; and he craved human blood.

Stubbe claimed to have killed at least a dozen people over 25 years — though his confession was made under difficult circumstances: After prolonged torture including chunks of his flesh being ripped out with heated pinchers, and his limbs being crushed with stones he was decapitated on Halloween , and his headless body burned at the stake.

There was no real evidence of his crimes other than his confession, and it seems likely that Stubbe was mentally ill and delusional.

Lycanthropes in Love - The Good Men Project

Stubbe was far from alone. Her strength, speed, and glowing blue eyes make her my favorite female vampire of all time.

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Continuing forward in time to show the evolution of magic in my life, it was when I first read The Weird Girls by Cecy Robson. Along with the romance, mystery, and suspense, the novels are pages turners for sure. The Wird Sisters each have powers of their own after being cursed, and they are joined by other creatures, heroes, villains, and those on that blurry line sometimes, werewolves, vampires, ghouls, witches, etc. Thank you for your continued support and stay tuned for the next podcast that you can find right here, as well as another guest blog by Author Jessica Ozment.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my dad, the one who inspired by love for all things science, fantasy, and magic! Skip to content lycanthropy. See the resemblance? Introducing, Bodhi Falcor Sinclair, LOL Magical Worlds and Dimensions in Fantasy Novels Other worlds, other dimensions had always fascinated me, especially when a seemingly unimportant human became a part of it before realizing their strength, power, and heart when they never thought any of it was possible. Human Experiences in a Paranormal World Joss Whedon and the writing team conquered deep topics on the show.

Oh, and this guy… In the film, Blade , was one of the movies that captured another form of the vampire world that I truly enjoyed. Post to Cancel.

Blogging the Reel World

She agreed to cooperate. We need to discuss the details. Carmen and I need to discuss the details. I promised Carmen five fool's parsley leaves. She'll use them to make a shirt for Vincent. The herbs grow in the swamps. I promised I'd bring Carmen five fool's parsley leaves. I have enough fool's parsley now. I can give the leaves to Carmen.

Werewolf Origins

I need to get the leaves to Carmen. I gave the fool's parsley to Carmen. I should check on her in a while to see if the shirt worked. I should check on Carmen some time to see if the medicine worked. Carmen told me the shirt didn't work. We need to try other means.

I need to try all the known remedies for lycanthropy. I asked Kalkstein to prepare the lycanthropy medicine. The alchemist promised to get right to work. I should tend to other matters and return for the potion later. The alchemist promised to make the medicine for Vincent. I should tend to other matters and see Kalkstein again later.

Kalkstein gave me the lycanthropy medicine, but warned me that he wasn't sure if the potion would work. Now I need a virgin's tear. In Vizima? Sounds hard to come by. I need a virgin's tear. I should ask some townswomen. I obtained a virgin's tear.

Love, Ink & Lycanthropes

It turned out to be harder than I thought. Now I can deliver the potion to Carmen. Now I can take the potion to Carmen. I gave Carmen Kalkstein's medicine. I certainly hope it cures Vincent.

How Werewolves Work

I should check on Carmen in some time and ask. I should visit Carmen in some time to see if the medicine worked. Carmen told me Kalkstein's medicine didn't work. The druid mentioned two remedies for lifting the curse - the potion and a shirt of fool's parsley. He also said something about true love, but he wasn't sure if it works. I need to try all the know [ sic ] remedies for lycanthropy. I need to know for certain