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Because Wesley was not allow to preach in the pulpit of most of the established churches, he began to preach outside. Deprived of the usual eye fixation points provided by the religious symbols candles, crosses, altars, etc. The practice became standardized and s not used throughout most Christian churches. Reverend Krauss continues by stating that it has been said that prayer and medication were the nicest hypnotic inductions of all.

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Everything is there that should be, including a harmony of body, mind, and spirit that enhances our communication with God. By assuring the appropriate posture, closing eyes, bowing heads, listening and responding with, "Amen. In the sermon, the pastor uses voice inflections, modulations and repetitive ideas with anecdotes, Bible stories, and other illustrations.

Prayer and medication are traditional Christian disciplines that parallel what we call auto-suggestion.

Hypnosis: What is it, and does it work?

Of course, the auto-suggestions are not the only aspects of prayer for through prayer, we are able to open our minds to God. When we are open and responsive, prayer is basically communication with God. If I understand Reverend Krauss, he is pointing out that the use of hypnotic procedures in worship and Christian experience is blessed by God.

During counseling and hypnotherapy, I often tell a story to bring home a point or allow the client hearing the story to come to his or her own meaning to the story. Paul wrote, "Whatsoever man soweth that shall he reap.

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Mental images give the subconscious mind a model to work towards: good or bad. Illustration : Think back to a time when you were angry; feel it, experience it and let it go. Think back to a time when you were really happy; feel it, experience and keep it. By thought, you make feelings present again. The use of positive imagery improves life and health. Until there is an image in the mind there can be no reality. All great inventions began with a thought in the mind. The inventor was able to visualize or image the invention before he could bring it to reality. The same is true of great music, great writing, great living.

The author of Proverbs also wrote that where there is no vision, the people parish. If you listen to the broadcast of al baseball, football or basketball game, you have surely heard the announcer say, "It's a brand new ball game! It is like starting over again.

The past is still there , but we can begin where we are. In a baseball game, if a team ties the score in the sixth inning, they do not go back to the first inning to start over again. For they keep playing from where they are.

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See we began where we are, but with the proper use of relaxation, imagery, hypnosis and hopeful expectation comes a "brand new ball game. In the years ahead, may those who discount hypnosis, come to see its value. May those who oppose hypnosis on religious grounds come to view it as a gift of God to help us attain the more abundant life.

Jesus said, "The spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He hath anointed me to teach the gospel to the poor. He hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised. As members of different denominations and religions, let us join hands in brotherhood to share the blessings of hypnosis with others.

Augustin "Gus" Figuerioa. Another one said, "I do not want you to have control over me. They frown upon such a treatment and call it evil. Some who use hypnosis or entertainment may only want public admiration, fame or wealth. Such practice usually gives hypnosis a negative image. Surely, to the uninformed viewer, such control would appear to be real.

As they make hypnotists look like "lords and masters" of their hypnotized "victims," movies, radio and television programs have often presented hypnosis in a negative way. With this understanding, some religionists condemn hypnosis and publicly brand it "a work of the Devil". In order to overcome this view some quote the Bible to show that hypnosis is in accordance with its teaching.

History of hypnosis

Hypnosis is neither a belief nor a religion. It is not even a matter of conviction. Used in therapy, it is simply another tool, furthermore, hypnosis has no need to be defended.

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When properly used by a trained professional, it defends itself by the results obtained. The good it does speaks by itself on its behalf.

What do we know about hypnosis?

It is far fetched to say or pretend that God used hypnosis when He " Durbin - This is an area of friendly disagreement between Gus and me. Was formal hypnosis used in Bible, "No! I believe "Yes! We might as well make Jesus a plain therapist, deprive Him of His divine power and credit it all to mere human skill and talent, regardless of how outstanding or extraordinary it might have been. Something else is evident. Not for his own benefit, but rather for the sake of those He helped, Jesus very frequently used the power of suggestion in his ministry.

In fact in all his parables He suggests some specific truth regarding his Kingdom. He said: "The kingdom of heaven is like unto He ends the incident by telling the lawyer: " Yet, they received the same suggestion. What they did need but had failed to recognize was the one thing Jesus suggested: "Show mercy to him who is in need! In all his teaching, Jesus often used metaphors. His message of the passing of a camel through a needle's eye can readily be understood as teaching about values and priorities.

How can anyone miss the message conveyed in Jesus' statement about faith enabling the individual to cause mountains to be removed!

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A powerful suggestion this is of self-confidence based not on self-sufficiency, but on divine help. Besides Jesus' divine power working, in many of his signs and wonders we can see the power of the suggestions. Trained in Clinical Hypnosis by instructors who teach the Ericksonian Approach, I think it is reasonable for me to submit these views. Helping people meet their needs, solve their problems or find a feasible way to cope with them is the goal of therapy.

Self Hypnosis for Mind Programming Success (Confidence / Motivation / Positivity)

I have the privilege of helping my subjects ascertained that hypnosis will help them work toward their good. People with whom I have worked have corrected previous misconceptions and have actually been complementary about hypnosis. Many have remarked that it helped them significantly and some have simply stated that "It is just plain wonderful". Hypnosis is not a misconception! It is a great and wonderful tool and many more professionals should use it! Many practitioners in the various areas of health care have incorporated it in their practice. More and more, regardless of their specialties, medical doctors use hypnosis to better treat their patients.