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Of course, this law does not apply to market research, but it does highlight the importance of the French language. Surveys that are poorly localized will reflect poorly on the brand, and respondents may be more reticent to answer them.

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Translating surveys from English into French can prove challenging in a number of different ways. Text expansion, a common issue in translation, is something that could break the layout of your survey design. For example, you might have certain buttons, icons, or survey fields containing text. According to Marguerite, translators are also challenged by poorly or ambiguously written content. Occasionally, if a sentence is overly ambiguous, the translator may have to ask the client for clarification. Both these situations could end up slowing down the translation process or causing delays due to back-and-forth communication.

As with translation into other languages, adapting a text for the target culture is often a necessary step for ensuring a high-quality translation. Interested in more articles about market research and translation? Visit our Market Research articles page. Sign up for our monthly email newsletter:. The architectural assessment is an area in which CAST excels and successfully differentiates from static analyzers.

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Deep insight and health assessment into a complex system…. Learn more. Complete architectural blueprint and technical documentation…. Rapid technical assessment of systems to be acquired…. Fast, cloud-based pattern analysis engine that scans hundreds of apps in a week.

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Portfolio Risk Analysis. Portfolio-level resiliency, agility, complexity and rationalization opportunities. Open Source Risk. Cloud Readiness.

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Data Manipulation Patterns. Application Intelligence Platform. Fine-grained analysis engine that reverse engineers architecture, databases, frameworks, and transactions. Health Dashboard. Monitor critical system Robustness, Efficiency and Maintainability health analytics. Security Dashboard. Engineering Dashboard. Imaging System. Architectural blueprinting for fast discovery and modernization. Portfolio intelligence to build smarter cloud migration strategies. Modernize IT. Intelligence to de-risk modernization and unveil cost savings.

Application Discovery. Insight into software structure at the speed of light. Intercept Flaws.

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Intelligence to find and fix software monstrosities. Secure Applications. Intelligence to protect sensitive applications and data - by design. Protect Data. Intelligence to assure safe data and GDPR compliance. Efficient ADM. Intelligence to drive continuous improvement. Improve Quality.

  • Competitive intelligence.
  • Build employable skills in the dynamic and evolving marketing research industry..
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Intelligence to find undetectable flaws and deliver super software. Reduce Cost.

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Software hotspots that create unnecessary IT dev and ops cost and effort. Transparent Supply Chain. Data-driven insight to improve app dev sourcing relationships. Our Company. International Presence.

Cloud migration 2. Be Digital Ready Build digital strategies based on facts about your software. Protect Your Business Safeguard your business with insight into critical software systems and products.