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Gordon J. Wenham writes from a generally conservative evangelical viewpoint.

Kenneth A. Victor P. Like Wenham and Mathews, Hamilton writes from a generally conservative evangelical perspective. I rank Mathews slightly higher simply because Hamilton is a rather dry read. Allen P.

Adam and Eve do not obey God, 3:1-7

Although not technically a commentary, this volume by Ross is an invaluable resource for expositors. John H.

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The NIVAC series does not get into as many technical issues, but it excels in terms of bridging the gap between the original audience and the contemporary world. There are a number of other helpful commentaries on the the Book of Genesis. Hartley , and Umberto Cassuto Vol. The mission, passion and purpose of Ligonier Ministries is to proclaim the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible.

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Mythology, Semitic. Genesis by John Skinner.

The garden in Eden, 2:4-25

Genesis by S. Genesis and Semitic tradition by John D.

A new commentary on Genesis Volume 1 by Franz Delitzsch. A new commentary on Genesis Volume 2 by Franz Delitzsch.

About the Book of Genesis

The Book of Genesis by Marcus Dods. The Book of Genesis by S.

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A critical and exegetical commentary on the book of Genesis, with a new translation by James Gracey Murphy. The unity of the book of Genesis by William Henry Green.

01 Commentary of Genesis by Matthew Henry

The Legends of Genesis by Herman Gunkel.