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If you have an ostomy, that adds a whole other layer of stress, as you have to contend with bag changes in public restrooms or even leaks.

So, you might feel more confident if you always keep a few essentials in your purse or backpack that will help you in an emergency. By arming yourself with a few important tools, you can breathe easier knowing that whatever your body decides to do that day, you can handle it. Keep all your pills safe and organized in a fun pill organizer so you can easily grab it if you need it. The thought of potentially having an accident or leak and being stuck somewhere without clean clothes is terrifying.

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Keep a change of clothes even just an extra pair of underwear with you, so you can give yourself one less thing to worry about! If you live in the U. If keeping some air freshener with you eliminates stress from your day, do it! There are many travel-size air fresheners on the market now specifically designed to be used in the bathroom, and even hairspray or perfume will work in a pinch. Having a way to clean up and feel fresh can eliminate a lot of stress from your daily life. You can also throw a roll of tape in your bag so you can use the wipes as temporary fix if your ostomy bag leaks, as Natalie M.

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It was a lifesaver! Did you know that 17 U.


Hand sanitizer is a must-have for anyone who uses bathrooms frequently. Whether the bathroom you use has soap and water matters a bit less if you always carry hand sanitizer with you. Consider stashing easy treats like bananas, hummus cups, plain crackers and peanut butter in your bag. I hated this life.

I quickly became depressed. I felt ugly, disfigured and like no one would love me like this. My thoughts became so irrational I convinced myself that all my friends would hate me, that I was going to be alone forever and that I would never be a valued and loved person.

My self-esteem went lower and lower until there was nowhere to go. I hated myself. Instead of leaving like I knew I should, I worked hard to keep the relationship because I figured no one else would ever want to be with me now that I had a body like this. I let someone treat be terribly just because I thought this was all there was for a sick, disfigured, ugly, smelly girl with a secret under her shirt.

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When it came to having sex, I was terribly anxious. World Ostomy Day is a day to raise awareness about people living with ostomies.

It exists because it needs to, because people feel how I used to feel about ostomies. Those are some of the misconceptions people have about ostomies. I did adjust to managing the ostomy pretty quickly, but I never did learn to accept it. It breaks my heart knowing others might feel as bad about themselves as I did when I had my ostomy.

Every single thing about me now is exactly the same as it was back then except where my body empties its waste.

Woman's tea bag per day habit lead to bone disease, her doctors say - CBS News

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12-year-old girl with autoimmune disease creates teddy bear to hide IV bag

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